I did the deed

Posted on: November 3, 2009

Joining a gym that is.
From my lovely highrise office windows I look out to the sprawling downtown of the metropolis I live in and see a gym. People come, people go. I sit and gawk at them as I eat whatever leftover food I can scavenge from recent board meetings, usually stale chips (the undesirable, leftover flavors) and rancid peanut butter (which coincidentally isn’t so bad.. at first anyhow, then the rancidity hits you like a baseball bat to the face.) I watch all the pretty people go to the gym. Now I hope some fatty will gawk at me as I join the ranks of the pretty people who work out (PPWWO for short.)

I’ve been debating for a long time whether to buy some home gym cardio equipment or just go to a gym. The pros of an at home studio: Work out anytime I want, only pay for the equipment, privacy of my own home, etc. etc. etc. Cons: This could result in being a VERY expensive clothes rack and dust collector. Yep. That’s about the only con.

So I paid for an entire years worth of gym membership. I will try to make it there tomorrow and will report back all about my lovely gym experience.
Oh, I forgot the best “pro” about going to a gym – getting to buy cute workout wear. I don’t know why, but that’s always an exciting motivator.
Miss Fitness September will rise again (and hopefully before next September.)
Wish me luck. Lord knows I’ll need it.



1 Response to "I did the deed"

Ha! Remember our ridiculous spandex unitards that we wore to 24 Hour Fitness in Denver?

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