Hibernation is over (even if it is still snowing)

Posted on: May 25, 2010

So, where do I start? Many changes have occurred, membership is through the ROOF (I think there are at least 6 participants) and I am super motivated to get into better shape. 

A few months ago I was back east visiting my former stomping grounds and came home with a lovely tick bite. Which then turned into Lyme Disease. And Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. And then I found out I was pregnant. Again. (Muffle screams of I JUST HAD A BABY!!!)

So I’m busy preparing for the birth of child #3, work is even more burdening, and my music career is kinda on the back burner and I feel like a loser because I still have 15 lbs of last time around baby weight to lose.  But I digress, I can’t kick myself yet. I have to be positive and congratulate myself for getting this far.  When I combine the weight gained with the last 2 kids, it is over 150 lbs! I think I’ve done a pretty good job considering I lost a combined of 160 after both of them (I know it seems like the math doesn’t add up, but trust me. I lost more than just baby weight the first time, but not all the baby weight the second time.)

Where does this leave TigerFIT? Right where it needs to be.  I am bound, determined and focused to have the healthiest pregnancy EVER! Yes, I capitalize words to make me more motivated.

With kiddo #1 I was pre-diabetic, meaning I flunked my 1 hour glucose test but passed the 3 hour test barely. I gained around 65 lbs.

With kiddo #2 I had full on gestational diabetes and gained almost 85 lbs.

With kiddo #3 I am not sure if I will be diabetic or not but I commit to only gaining 20 lbs.

The posts here will be more centered on a healthy pregnancy (sorry everyone that hates preggos) and overall health and fitness. 

I’ll post food finds when I catch them, and also some recipes I’ve been working on.  I really hope to cut back on some working hours so I can spend more time in the kitchen because yes, I’m one of those weirdos that actually likes to cook. 

Stay tuned!


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