Prepare thyself for BATTLE!

Posted on: May 28, 2011

My evening was very unusual. I heard the doorbell ring, and as usual, I ignored it. But then it came…

Knock. Knock. Knock.

I like to think of myself as a purveyor of knocks. There’s the aggressive beat down the door (think: Po-lice), there is the girl tap tap help my hands can barely penetrate the flimsy glass on your screen door knock; The __—_-_ _ rhythm knock, and then there is the polite but persistent KNOCK knock knock. You know, like someone is there at the door with arms full of groceries, or maybe the screen door is locked. So I jumped off facebook the couch where I was teaching my children the greek alphabet, and answered the door. 

Uggghhhhhhhhh Salesperson.

Long story short, she was in my house within a few minutes (it was hot outside.) And longer story short, I’m pretty sure I just bought 4 bottles concocted of water, vinegar, orange oil, and dawn for the low low price of obscene can’t reveal.   Anyhoo, I’m a people person. I like to talk to people, see where they come from, (I’m the annoying extrovert that is always looking to make eye contact) and love to get to know people, not so much to make friends but to understand humanity I guess. Soon we were eating dinner together and discussing life plans. Then the topic of healthy eating came up.

I was planning on making dinner tonight, but this whole sales thing threw me off my schedule. So I did some quick kitchen recon and found a pack of Bagel-Thins and some pasta sauce in the fridge that needed to be used up. Homemade bagel pizzas are so so good, and really easy to make. I started assembling these and I noticed my new BFF the salesgirl was salivating, so I offered her some dinner. While we were waiting for her pizzas to cook (I microwaved hers because she was in a time crunch, but I baked the others) I whipped up a fresh fruit salad.  Apparently she hasn’t seen fruit in a couple months, as the traveling saleskids only see the magical land of Wendy and McDonald. The conversation started to shift to healthy eating and ways to eat while on the road. 

know your enemy

I’ve done my fair share of sticking to a diet plan while on the road.  It isn’t easy, but it IS DOABLE! It all starts out with choices and knowing the food you will encounter. Would anyone go into battle without researching their enemy? No, so why do we go out into the world without knowing our options? I swear most of us take dieting as a negative thing that weighs us down, when really all we need to be doing is preparing ourselves for battle.

Before I knew it, I was spouting off truths, and facts, and calorie counts, and fiber sources… She was eating it up! She kept asking me questions, and I gave her as many tips as I could think of. Before long I had cleaned out some of my cabinets and filled up a bag for her of healthy snacks and fresh fruit.

Man, I really know my $h!! So why is it that I cannot follow it myself? 

I realize I am out $140 for some cleaners I’ll probably accidentally throw away, but I think I came away with some hidden confidence in my ability to plan for myself. I look in the mirror and all I can see is someone who is 80 lbs heavier than I use to be. All I can see is someone who has spit-up, and cheet-o dust on her pant legs, and hair that hasn’t been brushed in 2 days and salon-ed in a year. I see the reflection of everything I am to everyone else. I am the caregiver, the food giver, the bath giver, the laundry do-er, the tired, stretched and worn out vessel from where these children came. But after tonight I’m starting to remember someone else…

I can do better than this. I still have the fighter within me, I still have Miss Fitness September 2000 inside of me, I still have all the little tools and all the knowledge I need to take care of myself.  

But do I have the desire?

I’ll let you know about that later, because now I not only have some new cleaners to try out, but I have something to think about as I’m cleaning crayon off the stairwell at 2 am tonight.


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