Shop Til You Drop

Posted on: May 28, 2011

Being as I was ever so motivated from yesterday to go prepare myself for the weeks ahead, I went to the GROCERY STORE! 

Ok, so it wasn’t really exciting or anything. It’s actually a semi-depressing experience involving me wandering every aisle looking for something good but good for me and then dropping hundreds of dollars only to come home and not have anything “good” to eat. You know what I mean. Admit it. But I had no choice. I haven’t had much in the house to eat. I am the type who makes nearly everything from scratch so it’s not like I had a spare box of hamburger helper lying around (not that I would EVER allow that in my house.) I simply had to make the trek.

I have amazing self-discipline at the grocery store. You know how everyone says “don’t shop hungry tsk tsk tsk”, well shut up people! I can shop hungry and I don’t fill my cart with crap (but I do end up with about 5 open boxes and packages of food.) I think it’s more important to not shop without purpose. So to further illustrate my point……

  • I like lists. 
  • Like, a lot. 
  • I love making them
  • I love typing them out and perfecting the margins
  • making sure they all have little dots next to each item.
  • lists are fun

However, I usually forget mine by the time I make it out the door with at least 1 sleeping child, one child that is screaming for whatever reason, while looking for the other child that has gone MIA. 

  • even if you don’t write out a list, make sure you mentally rehearse what you need.
  • be flexible. You might find something new or on sale that wasn’t on your list, and if you’re gonna be a stickler for the list rules, you could miss out on a great new find.

Today I found something that wasn’t on my list, but it was such a great deal, I couldn’t pass it up. My friend over at http://www.ronisweigh.com  held an awesome blogging conference recently and in the swag bags they had some larabars.  I had tried them before and they are a pretty good way to tide you over til your next meal, or if you’re like me and hate eating breakfast and lunch, they are not bad substitutes. I prefer the mini 100 calorie bars that I’ve found at Target, as it makes me a little more mindful about what I’m eating. Anyhoo, the most exciting part is that they were only 88 cents! I usually pay around $1.50 for them, so I was really happy to stock up on a case of them. If I had been a list stickler I wouldn’t have picked them up. I wouldn’t have even gone into that aisle. My car would have 2 less wrappers on the floorboards. It most certainly would have been a tragedy on another level.

So next time you find yourself with your cupboards bare and your stomach growling, don’t be afraid to jot down a few items and then go explore the aisles. I always make sure to avoid the chip/cracker/candy/soda aisles. They are typically the three middle aisles of the store. They inspired another motto I like to go by: 

if it won’t go bad in 2 weeks, I don’t want it. 

Now, is this the part where I admit I stopped at the donut store on the way home and ate one? 


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