Posted on: May 28, 2011

The pirate child made something like this at Pre-K this week. I looked online and found a lot of vague recipes for this, but no pictures. Until now!

I made an “adult” version (that sounds dirty) with a laughing cow cheese wedge instead of cream cheese and it could be a very fun WW snack.

One fishbowl has: Old WW Points:2  New WW PointsPlus:3

Two fishbowls (both halves of the english muffin) Old WW Points:4  New WW PointsPlus:5

I wasn’t a fan of the goldfish, but I think these could be pretty tasty if they were dressed up right. Check back soon for the recipe!

If you look closely you’ll see I made the grave error of placing one of the fish upside down…

mommy, is the upside down goldfish dead?  

Not yet, honey…muahaha.


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