Posted on: May 30, 2011

My elliptical. My saving grace from a life without fitness. 

“I can’t join a gym, I have 3 kids. If only I had something IN my house, I would totally use it. No, really, I would. It won’t become a drying rack.”

And it hasn’t become a drying rack! It’s a multifunctional space taker-uper and it gives me an excuse (as if I ever need one) to yell at my kids when they try to climb on it as I am sure it will somehow mangle them and disfigure them.

So what is this thing? Friend or Foe? The kiddos seem to really dig it for the 30 seconds they’re allowed to play on it before I notice and go postal on them. But if they have so much fun on it, why can’t I?

This week, it will be my goal to actually use this incredible, expensive, unused piece of machinery.  I used every excuse in the world to bring it into my home, now I’m using every single excuse in the world to reason with myself as to why I never use it. I think it’s had maybe 45 minutes of use since I bought it in March.

This begs the question: What other excuses do we use in our lives to avoid taking care of ourselves?


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