Fat Tuesday

Posted on: May 31, 2011

Dun dun dun…

It’s weigh day! I wanted to weigh in on Monday, but I like to do it first thing in the morning and I forgot to do it yesterday. I also wanted to go to my Weight Watcher meeting so I could see the difference between their scale and mine, but WW was closed for Memorial Day.

I really can’t believe I’m about to post my weight on this public forum. But really, why not? It’s not like I have magical powers that alter my appearance. I have been tracking my weight since I got pregnant to see the ups and downs. This week I’ll put up a weight chart on my Progress page that will include (big deep UGGHHHH) pictures. 

Alright, drumroll please…………..

Tuesday May 31st 2011 I weighed:

  • 249.2 lbs at home
  • 249.2 lbs at Weight Watchers
  • Current BMI- 34.8  According to the CDC, I am going to die in fiery obesity hell, or more likely choke on a ham sandwich with that high of a BMI. Find your BMI by checking out the CDC’s BMI calculator

Now for some fun extras!

  • I am 5’11” and have chosen 170 as my goal weight. I’m about a size 8 at 170 (BMI- 23.7)
  • I am 79.2 lbs above my goal weight
  • I need to lose 12.5 lbs to reach 5% weight loss goal
  • I need to lose 25 lbs to reach 10% weight loss goal

Well isn’t that a sticky situation? My home scale and the WW meeting scale churned out the same not great result. Usually there is a variance, so I will most likely be using my home scale for my weigh-ins, and I will also be doing my official weigh-ins on Saturday (it helps me stay more accountable through the weekend and in turn makes a great start for the week.)  I like to weigh daily so I can see how different things affect my body.

So now I suppose I should probably pick some type of goal, like a 5% weight loss or I will run the boston marathon next weekend, but I need to start with baby steps.

My goal for today: track everything I eat

My goal for the week: workout for 60 minutes this week (I told you, I use baby steps)

My goal for June: uhhh. A month is a long time to plan. I’ll get back to this.


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