Posted on: June 1, 2011

Sometimes what we want is an illusion. Sometimes we have to make substitutions. Will it matter to me in 3 days if I ate toast with my soup instead of a buttery cheesy grilled cheese sandwich? Probably not.

Tonight I was HONGRY (yes, it’s a real word, no it’s not a typo) and searching through my cabinets for something quick and appealing. I found a box of tomato soup I had bought at Target a few weeks ago. I don’t usually buy box food or convenience things in packages, but I’m a musician and I was going to be recording for 2 days on my new album in New York. I thought I would prepare myself with some good food options, not knowing what NYC would be like and what options I would have (I’m a Wyoming hick, remember.) Well, it didn’t matter because we had the most amazing Thai take out in the end. So that’s how the soup ended up in my cupboard. And tonight I ate it.

It was about $3.50, which I don’t think is very reasonable BUT it was reallly good soup. This was a 16 oz on-the-go package, but I have seen them in the 32 oz. packages. Would I buy it again? Probably not. Would I try my own take on making it at home? Yes.

Anyhoo, I wanted a Grilled Cheese sandwich as soon as I saw this soup. Some things just go together (peas, carrots, forest, jenny, grilled cheese, tomato soup.) I don’t have any light cheese in the fridge, I didn’t want a laughing cow grilled cheese, and really I didn’t want a grilled cheese without butter. And honestly, I was just too damn lazy to make a grilled cheese.

Sometimes you have to make substitutions.

As I was microwaving the soup, I thought “hmm, all I do is dip the sandwich, so why not just toast bread, spray it with some butter spray, and call it good?”

And that’s what I did.

I honestly couldn’t tell I wasn’t eating a grilled cheese. I didn’t miss the cheese, the soup was very filling, and the toast was of course divine because it’s bread.

Tomato Soup & Toast

  1. If you are an idiot and can’t figure it out on your own, keep reading.
  2. Toast bread. Spray with butter spray if desired.
  3. Heat soup.
  4. Dip bread in soup.

This makes 1 serving.  WW Points Value: 6 points (WW PointsPlus: 9)

If you are trying to cut points, you could eat less soup – Subtract 2 points (WW Points AND WW PointsPlus.) But honestly, the soup keeps you filled. Personally I wouldn’t use the 45 calorie bread, as it makes me want to eat five times as many slices. Go for something hearty, make the most out of your points. The goal is to satisfy your hunger, not hoard low point food.


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