Posted on: June 2, 2011

Tuna salad is a go-to meal in my house. It’s quick, simple, and if made right it can be low-cal and uber tasty!

Tuna is versatile enough that you can make it to suit anyone’s palate. For the kids, I made plain tuna salad sandwiches. For myself I made…

Not Your Grandpa’s Tuna Melt

A lighter, refreshing version of a high calorie Tuna Melt

  • 1 medium sized 100 cal pita (can substitute 1 slice of bread, sandwich thins, etc.)
  • 1/2 c tuna salad prepared however you like it (mine had 1/4 C tuna, 1 t light mayo, 1 T fat free yogurt, 1/2 t yellow mustard, 1/4 C chopped fennel bulb, 1 t dried dill, 1 t dill relish, 1 T water, 1 T dried cranberries plumped in hot water) 
  • laughing cow cheese (can substitute with cheese of your choice, however adjust points accordingly, as the LC is only 1 point [1 WWPP])
  1. Heat a non-stick pan on medium high heat. Toast one side of the pita.
  2. Spread laughing cow wedge over the toasted side, top with tuna salad and put back in the pan for 1 minute.
  3. Flip the pita. Yes, flip the pita. Use nonstick cooking surface so the tuna won’t stick. It will brown like a crab cake.
  4. Remove from heat and EAT!

Servings: 1 Points Per Serving: 5 (WW PointsPlus: 7)

*The points are a little tricky on this. As I prepared it above, it would actually be 4 points with the cheese, tuna, and pita.  However, I know most people aren’t going to find 1/4 C tuna lying around, so I’m gonna safely call 1/2 of prepared tuna salad at 3 points, which will give everyone a little wiggle room to make it. Remember, don’t use more mayo, use water. Tuna can get really dry, but use water to make it go further instead of adding more calories.

Plumping craisins- Stick them in a bowl with a little water, put in the microwave for 30 seconds and voila! They will be much more juicy and easier to eat. Remember kiddies, things from the microwave can be hot. Don’t burn yourself. Unless you’re into that kinda thing.


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