Rockstar Weekend

Posted on: June 6, 2011

This weekend has been CRAZY! A roadtrip, family life, and a music festival was shoved into 3 short but draining days. I had to go to Brooklyn to do some more recording for my album (I’m a musician in case you forgot) and as if driving up to NY isn’t stressful enough, I did it with 3 kids in tow AND with the goal of eating healthy.


I packed some really good snacks beforehand as you can see in the photo above that also highlights my unclean countertops (classy.)

Long story short, we ate at McDonalds for 3 of the 4 meals. I didn’t eat terribly, but I wasn’t “on” if you know what I mean.  Today I played a music festival here in DC.  My day was only suppose to last a few hours, but instead it turned into an all day/all night type gig. Exhausting, especially with trying to keep 3 little kiddos happy.

I had a Subway sandwich for lunch today. I’m so excited they’ve added avocado to the menu. I had an avocado, spinach, olive, cucumber, and banana pepper flat bread sandwich which was realllllly good. So I didn’t eat too terribly (well, today anyway) but I’m not sure it’s enough to make up for all the snacking I did to and from New York. As of Friday morning, I had a 3.6 lb loss and while that would have been awesome to maintain, I don’t think I did. The scale reads about 1.4 more than that, which really isn’t bad. I weigh in again soon, so I will be happy with any loss.

And I really think it’s important to take weight loss the right way. I can’t tell you how annoying some women can be at WW meetings as they complain about their 1.2 lb loss. Not only can it seem insensitive to the people who didn’t lose or the people who gained, but it’s insensitive to their own efforts. Most of us put ourselves in this position without a fleeting thought, yet when we work hard to lose the weight with purposeful thought and action, we sell ourselves short. “Oh, I only lost a pound.” 

Are you kidding me?! ONLY a pound in a week? You would have to run at a rate of 4mph (a jogging pace) for over 6 hours straight to burn that many calories. You’d have to turn down 6 cupcakes a week to lose a pound.  You would have to run up a set of stairs for OVER THREE HOURS to lose a pound. Losing a pound isn’t very easy. I could eat 6 cupcakes in about 10 minutes and gain a pound (sadly, too too easy) but it would take me 6 hours of running to burn it off.  It’s mind boggling.

My goal for the week is to get back into my groove at home including cooking and cleaning (but I actually like cleaning, so is that really a goal?) and to continue on with my activity goal from last week (which I accomplished!) of getting 60 minutes of activity in.  This week I filled it up with walking, mostly pushing a heavy stroller with children in it as we went out and enjoyed the beautiful summer weather we’ve been blessed with.

During a break today, I took the boys to the National Mall to take a walk and run around a bit. It’s still so surreal to me that I live in DC. It’s so breathtaking.

I hope everyone sets a goal for the week and we all give ourselves more credit for the hard work we are undertaking. Don’t let the scale be the enemy. It is only a gauge of the work we are putting back into ourselves. Have a great week everyone!


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