What I gained this week

Posted on: June 6, 2011

I lost 3 pounds this week, but it’s what I gained that I’m celebrating…

Weight loss is more than keeping track of the ups and downs of the scale. I’ve always believed that weight is the symptom of something wrong in our lives.  As I was at my WW meeting today, I heard a woman complaining about how she was so much happier 20 lbs lighter. She wasn’t what I would describe as overweight, and it really saddened me to hear her say this. Sure, I’ve said it to myself thousands of times, probably even this week, but it is destructive to the cycle of weight loss and health. 

I think back to when I weighed what my goal weight is. I think to myself “I’d be happy if I weighed that. Everything would be so much better if I was there. I could finally be happy if I weren’t fat anymore.” But how true is that? I would like to think that my self worth is not that tied up into my vanity. I think about what I was doing when I weighed less, and I am concluding that what I weighed wasn’t the thing making me most happy. It was the confidence I had in myself. I didn’t gain that from losing weight. I earned it through the journey of self discovery. 

My point is that it isn’t fair to ourselves and the journey we are undertaking to pin our happiness on a number on the scale or a dress size, or a photoshopped picture of a thin model (I see these all over Tumblr and it makes me really sad that girls want to look like that.) If you can’t be happy with fat YOU now, you won’t be happy with thin YOU. 

We need to all celebrate what we are gaining from the experience.  
I lost 3 pounds this week, but I gained confidence in my ability to plan for myself, to be successful even when things aren’t smooth sailing, and I am learning to accept myself as I am.  


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