How adding 40 calories can save you 200+ in the end.

Posted on: July 17, 2011

I made pizza for dinner the other day.

I promise I’m not a pizza addict, I’m just a tired, exhausted mom, and making pizzas seems to be the quickest, healthiest, make-everyone-happy option for me. I can get the 2 year old to eat whatever I eat. The 5 year old likes everything “plain.” The husband doesn’t like vegetables unless he thinks it will earn him brownie points. 

It would have been so much easier to make plain cheese pizza for all of us. But I couldn’t let myself go there. I am trying to make my body healthier, not just thinner. 


They both started out the same – 110 Calorie/3g fat/7g fiber flat breads  and pasta sauce. Add the 50 cals for the pasta sauce and they were an equal 160.

But I had to add some veggies. I used mini bell peppers, zucchini, spinach, and green olives (literally every veggie I had in the fridge. I need to get to the grocery store and stock up!)

Calorie Count- Plain: 160 calories  Mine: 204 calories (well, technically 203.6)


  • Because I added a lot of toppings, I didn’t need a lot of cheese to make mine seem “sturdy” you know? I only added a little over 1/4 C of shredded low-fat cheese. I added over 1/2 C regular cheese to the other one (I don’t like to “waste” my low-fat, healthier foods on people who will chase it down with a package of oreo’s and a pint of ice cream.)

Calorie Count- Plain: 388 (258 if I had used reduced-fat cheese) Mine: 262

Either way, these are pretty healthy alternatives to traditional delivery pizza. But I just want to quickly point out that by bulking up my pizza with less than 40 calories of veggies (and it only took me a couple minutes to prep/clean) I was FULL, to the point where I only ate HALF of my pizza. The boys ate 2 of the cheese pizzas and wanted more. I only ate HALF of my pizza.

I think this is a classic example of why bulking up our foods really does fill us up more. By adding those extra calories, I only ate 130-ish calories of pizza, where if I had eaten the plain cheese, I probably would have eaten the entire pizza, 250 calories more! Again, I’m not saying eating the entire thing is bad, but I am learning to listen to my body’s signals again, and knowing when to walk away when my body says “ssssttttooooppp!!!”

Learning to bargain with your ingredients will really help you in the long term. Sure, I may have been hungry 3 hours later, but I probably would have been hungry after the cheese pizza too, and probably not have made as many wise choices. Every action and decision we make puts us on a path that will help influence later actions and decisions. Eating well early on in the day will propel me to eat well later. Walking away from my plate when I am full will encourage me to pick a good snack later (not the mini chocolate chip cookies I am snacking on RIGHT NOW! Bad girl!)

By the way, the point count for my entire pizza was 5 (6 WWPointsPlus)


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