…Major victory?

Posted on: January 25, 2012

I know I just went on about how wonderful the scale is and you should make nice with it and not be afraid and not take fluctuations to heart. Well, the very next morning and weigh-in after that post, I noticed about a 4 lb. fluctuation. I. Freaked. OUT!

I’ve been trying so hard, so so so hard to be more balanced and listen to hunger cues and to move more (a lot more actually) and that 4 pounds really upset me. I moved the scale into the hallway (Side story: I’ve always kept my scale in the same spot, I line up the spot exactly on the floor using the wood floor lines to mark the exact spot to use, thinking this will bring me greater accuracy. #fail.)  I moved it into the hall and it was like 6 lbs off. Then I broke my moral code and went to Weight Watchers to weigh in. I haven’t followed the PointsPlus plan at all, I find it cumbersome and not intuitive like the regular points program that I used to lose weight and maintain. Anyhoo, I stepped on the scale and I found my home scale WAS off. About 6 lbs off.  

So going back to my last post where I was so excited that I was down 10 pounds. As of today, I am down 18 pounds since January 1st. YAY! Now, who wants to bet I step on it tomorrow and I’m up 3 haha!! I’m sure there should be a moral to this, but screw it. I’m down 18!!!


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