Breakfast of Champions

Posted on: February 6, 2013


Breakfast was the usual. Smoothies and cereal. 


I found this site when researching how many cups of kale is in a pound. There is a huge list of other foods, it makes a nice reference especially for food that isn’t really “bulky” and you can’t say 1 C = 8 oz. Apparently there are 6 cups of kale in a pound! Anyway, here are the ingredients I used:

1 C kale greens – 21¢

1 ripe banana – 20¢

2 whole carrots – 20¢

1 large naval orange – 75¢

1/4 frozen pineapple – 10¢

1/4 C light yogurt – 27¢

1/2 C frozen strawberries – 53¢

2-3 C water (add more water to stretch it!)

ice (optional)

Makes about four 16 oz servings $2.26; 57¢ a serving

What I learned: 2 things- At first I didn’t add the strawberries because I didn’t want to walk to the deep freeze (lazy) but the kids really didn’t like the smoothie without it and I have to admit, I had to choke it down. But after adding them and reblending, we all loved it. This time I have 1 serving of leftovers and I will pour it into popsicle molds and either use them for the kids (never tried that before) or pop them into the next smoothie I make.  I’m really mad about these navel oranges (petty!) but now I’ve learned my lesson. I should go with the clementines because in a 10 lb bag I’d get about 60 of them while I only get 10 large oranges. It would save 25¢ a smoothie if I used 3 clementines! 

What I’m thankful for: My VitaMix blender! I use it every day for making smoothies, grinding grains for flour, and chopping. I love that I am getting whole nutrition from the ingredients as opposed to juicing where you lose the pulp and most of the fiber. I never add sweetener to the smoothies, instead opting for fruit. 

What I’ll do next time:  I won’t forget to add the strawberries at first, I’ll use a different citrus to decrease costs, I’ll add a little more water to stretch the smoothie but compensate by adding more pineapple and carrots. Usually all kids drink 16 oz each, as do I. 

For anyone counting, I estimate this to be 1 old WW point, and 3 PointsPlus. Around 80 calories for 16 oz, 4 grams of fiber. 


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