I was a Weight Watcher’s success story. After the birth of my 1st child in February 2006, I joined and lost over 90lbs in about 12 months. And I kept it off! Well, that is until I had baby #2 in April 2009.  After gaining over 70 lbs with him, I found myself 30 lbs over my goal weight. And then, I became pregnant with baby #3 in March 2010. Baby #3 joined the family in late December 2010, and while it is a joyous event, I am currently 70-100 lbs from my goal weight.  Now I find myself at my wits end. I will be documenting every part of this journey, no matter how small, no matter how humiliating. I am hoping my honesty sets me free. So for all the young frazzled moms, dealing with the ups and downs of pregnancy, post-pregnancy, PPD, family life, and all the crap that comes along with it, join me as I embark on a mission to change my life.

So a little about my food/weight loss/exercise background:

  1. I was Miss Fitness September at my hometown gym some years back. It was awarded on a points system based on your workouts and intensity. Basically it was an unwritten, unacknowledged competition between me and some old gym rat and I never lie down in the face of a contest.
  2. I was active in sports in my youth but still managed to be on the pudgey side. I blame my mother for this, as I was her eating partner (“I want cake! Let’s go get one. And eat it. ALL.”) and she also put me on every crash diet with her as a child. I think this was the start of my body image issues and has caused a lot of confusion well into my adult life.
  3. I can look in a mirror and all I see is the fat me. No matter if I weigh 170 or 250. I see the same thing.
  4. I was a successful participant in Weight Watchers (old points program.) I totally kicked ass. Again, it was due to my naturally competitive nature that I had to be more successful at losing weight than all the other fatties*
  5. I love to cook, it relieves stress for me, it gives me an outlet to be creative, and it makes me feel in charge.
  6. I am beginning to identify with flexitarianism (mostly vegetarian but you won’t turn to self-flagellation if you eat meat or fish occassionally.) My goal is no more than 2 meals with meat  a week (excluding fish.)
  7. I cook without eggs as much as possible due to the 5 year old’s allergies and NEVER USE PEANUTS because I kinda like that 5 year old and want him to be alive after dinner.
  8. I am an emotional eater. I hate labels, but whatever, I eat when I’m stressed, sad, upset, happy, thrilled. I’ve always looked forward to some emotional disaster that would render me appetite-less, but that has never been the case. Food makes me feel better, so I do it. I don’t drink, drug, smoke, or any carry on any other addiction to get me through so I gotta deal with the fact that I use food, specifically sugar.
  9. I have been too busy with work and family to keep up on myself. Basically, I’ve let myself go this past year and I sit around all day reliving my glory days of when pants fit, wide angle photos didn’t terrify me, and I didn’t walk around the grocery store eating donuts I have yet to purchase, while throwing something healthy in the cart to confuse people so they didn’t judge me and think I only eat donuts. I like public humiliation and being a leader, so I think this will work out great for me.

*Terms such as fatties should be taken lightly. If you are offended by the term, then you are most likely a fatty yourself and it’s a damn good thing you found this page.

And about me:

I am a mother of three children ages newborn, 1, and 5. I am a singer-songwriter musician working on a new album.

Legal Things:
This blog is in no way endorsed or supported or approved my Weight Watchers, International. While I was a paying participant of their program, I have never been nor will I ever be a spokesman or endorsed figure for the company. Anything I say here about WW is entirely my own opinion based on myself and my experiences, as guaranteed and protected by my lovely 1st amendment rights. Yep, think that covers it. 🙂


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