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Lunch 94¢ Cupboard Price; $2.97 Buy it All Price

6 oz pork shoulder roast – 89¢

2 oz cheese – 32¢

2 Tbls pineapple chunks – 5¢

3 whole wheat tortillas 81¢

1/4 C salsa – 25¢

sliced bell peppers 10¢

half an apple, sliced 26¢

half an avocado, sliced 29¢

Underlined items are grocery items I have purchased, everything else is either pantry/storage items or already accounted for items. 


Lunch time snuck up on me. School isn’t in session today and things always seem to be … busier with all 3 at home. While I was making this lunch, the babymonster decided it would be a great idea to dump out the bottle of salsa onto tortillas on the floor and lick it all up. Luckily he left me about 1/4 C.

And just some advice, don’t come over for taco night for a couple weeks…you know I poured the rest back in the bottle. 

I’ve been cooking a shoulder pork roast since last night and it smells AMAZING. I decided to make us all a quick lunch. First I took whole wheat tortillas, put 2 oz shredded pork on each, sprinkled with cheese and pineapple and rolled them up. For the kids I cut them into little pinwheels and served them with salsa for dipping and slices of avocado, red/yellow/orange bell peppers, and apples. I love the combo of pork and pineapple. If I were to make this for myself again I would definitely season the pork with some cumin or chili powder and mix the salsa with the pork. All 4 of us ate this for lunch without any leftovers, much to the chagrin of the dog. 

Snacks – Cupboard Price 20¢; Buy it All Price$1.97

Bag of popcorn  67¢

2 clementines – 34¢

1/2 apple – 26¢

1/2 C pineapple – 20¢

1 yoplait -50¢

I estimate the prices on things I already have in the pantry based upon what I normally pay for them.