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I should be sleeping, but I shot a video of a song today and the shock of seeing what I look like is traumatizing. The following is the conversation I’ve been having with myself. 

  1. My arms are flubbery strong and hold my children close to me.
  2. My breasts are in need of a lift beautiful tools that fed my babies.
  3. My stomach is in DIRE need of a tummy tuck a masterpiece, every stretch mark has a story, the skin reminds me of my wonderful pregnancies.
  4. My butt could use some stair action. No really, it could. 
  5. My legs are so wide they touch both coasts faithful they take me anywhere I want to go.

It’s hard to love your body when you’re constantly telling it negative things. My body never speaks unkindly to me, is a marvel when you think of how it regenerates and heals itself, is a trooper for being on the roller coaster of weight gains, has allowed me to experience the miracle of life three times. My body has not betrayed me, I have betrayed it. 

Speak kindly to your body. If you treated a dog or a child the way you treat your body, you would have it removed from your custody.