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Breakfast was the usual. Smoothies and cereal. 


I found this site when researching how many cups of kale is in a pound. There is a huge list of other foods, it makes a nice reference especially for food that isn’t really “bulky” and you can’t say 1 C = 8 oz. Apparently there are 6 cups of kale in a pound! Anyway, here are the ingredients I used:

1 C kale greens – 21¢

1 ripe banana – 20¢

2 whole carrots – 20¢

1 large naval orange – 75¢

1/4 frozen pineapple – 10¢

1/4 C light yogurt – 27¢

1/2 C frozen strawberries – 53¢

2-3 C water (add more water to stretch it!)

ice (optional)

Makes about four 16 oz servings $2.26; 57¢ a serving

What I learned: 2 things- At first I didn’t add the strawberries because I didn’t want to walk to the deep freeze (lazy) but the kids really didn’t like the smoothie without it and I have to admit, I had to choke it down. But after adding them and reblending, we all loved it. This time I have 1 serving of leftovers and I will pour it into popsicle molds and either use them for the kids (never tried that before) or pop them into the next smoothie I make.  I’m really mad about these navel oranges (petty!) but now I’ve learned my lesson. I should go with the clementines because in a 10 lb bag I’d get about 60 of them while I only get 10 large oranges. It would save 25¢ a smoothie if I used 3 clementines! 

What I’m thankful for: My VitaMix blender! I use it every day for making smoothies, grinding grains for flour, and chopping. I love that I am getting whole nutrition from the ingredients as opposed to juicing where you lose the pulp and most of the fiber. I never add sweetener to the smoothies, instead opting for fruit. 

What I’ll do next time:  I won’t forget to add the strawberries at first, I’ll use a different citrus to decrease costs, I’ll add a little more water to stretch the smoothie but compensate by adding more pineapple and carrots. Usually all kids drink 16 oz each, as do I. 

For anyone counting, I estimate this to be 1 old WW point, and 3 PointsPlus. Around 80 calories for 16 oz, 4 grams of fiber. 

  1. Two mile run. CHECK
  2. Indulge in a half episode of Burn Notice while working out. CHECK 
  3. Spinach, banana, strawberry soy smoothie. CHECK
  4. Sahrmann adominal exercises. CHECK.

How do I let myself feel guilty for taking time for myself when my reward is feeling alive, energized, and happy? That sure beats dull, tired, depressed mommy. 


Posted on: May 30, 2011

I make smoothies for breakfast because a) I hate eating breakfast and b) I like using my VitaMix blender.

I’ve had some success with 2 out of 3 kids eating the smoothies. Little Red will eat anything. Even if it’s in the trash can (he’s a real foodie) and now that baby is eating food, I make a smoothie of fresh veggies and fruits and then cook his in the microwave a bit before cooling it off and mixing it with rice cereal. He usually loves the fresh baby food and always loves the green baby food. This morning he wasn’t so sure about it though, however he ate the whole bowl.

Spinana-Choc Smoothie

1 frozen banana

1 C lite chocolate soy milk

2 C spinach

1/4 C water

Throw it all into the blender. I sometimes have to add water depending on how frozen and thick the bananas are.

WW OLD POINTS – 3 for the entire smoothie (makes about 20 oz)

WW PointsPlus- 2 if you don’t count fruit in recipes; 5 if you count fruit in recipes